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      Ningbo yinzhou chang chi electronics co., LTD., founded in 2003, is engaged in precision stamping production has been 20 years, all the mold development from design to production made by myself, and stamping parts mainly for electronics, communication terminal, contact and all kinds of metal shrapnel. IC gets stuck mainly applied electric meter, water meter, gas meter, cell phones, etc. Main customers are foreign enterprises (in the majority with Taiwanese).

      Our company is located in ningbo city JiangShan Town, the transportation is convenient. In the hardware industry company and have many experienced technical personnel, quality personnel and marketing personnel, has a strong mold development, product manufacturing and sales teams, mold processing equipment and production equipment at the same time also is numerical control. Experienced professionals equipped with sophisticated machinery and equipment and strict incoming material, process and outgoing inspection standards, is a powerful guarantee the quality of our products.

      Our company in the production and processing technology, mould manufacturing quality and quality control ability, at the same time we continue to pursue innovation and excellence of spirit, the relevant training to employees on a regular basis, improve the staff's own quality and skills, to better achieve the high quality enterprise and continuous efforts.

      From the beginning of founding the company has been in strict accordance with ISO management system standards to establish the perfect company management system, and in 2004 formally adopted the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification.

      According to the company's marketing team efforts, the company now has established good cooperation with customers from all over the world partnership, customers mainly for the Japanese, American, taiwan-funded enterprises; Chang chi electronic industries has been committed to the development of all kinds of precision metal products, the production of the product mainly has the following categories:

      1, stamping class: all kinds of continuous punching, single shot, stretching pieces, terminals, shrapnel, clamp, contact pills, etc.

      2, LED accessories, can be customized.

      Class 3, telecommunications equipment accessories: a variety of shrapnel potentiometer.

      4, auto field: contact element.

      Products involved in electronics, switch, toys, lighting, decoration, furniture, mobile phones, cameras, computers, electrical appliances, LED, automotive, telecommunications equipment and other industries.

      We adhered to the "excellence, pioneering and innovative" for the credibility first, customer-orientated purpose, sincerely friendly cooperation with the customer business philosophy, and constantly raise their technical level and management level, perfect quality management, to provide customers with value of products and services! The company is committed to become China's most competitive to create a first-class manufacturing enterprises! We will continue to provide customers with excellent products, excellent service, preferential prices, we sincerely look forward to working with you to establish good relations of cooperation, mutual trust, reciprocity, create a better future!

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